There are many reasons for wanting to complete a bathroom remodel. Outdated fixtures and décor, plumbing updates, storage issues, and energy efficiency are all good reasons for installing a new bathtub or a new shower. But why stop there? If you are going to replace some things in your bathroom, why not do a complete remodel in a style you love?

Bathrooms are intimate spaces that should reflect individual personalities and preferences. Who doesn’t want to get ready to face the day in a space that is organized, attractive, and inspiring?

Many different design styles exist, including ways to blend some of them together. Here is a short list of what you can find.


Born during the Arts and Crafts movement in England in the 1860s, the Craftsman style caught on in the United States in the early 1900s. Characterized by heavy columns, covered porches, and triangular roofs, there’s no mistaking the charm and nostalgia of a craftsman home.

A bathroom in a craftsman home will feature natural medium or dark wood set off by earth tones and warm neutral colors. A shaker style vanity, tile or stone countertops and flooring, and square or rectangular light fixtures will create a refined yet cozy and comfortable space.


Inspired by warehouses built in the 1800s, the industrial style seeks to imitate that same spacious, uncluttered atmosphere that will last seemingly forever. Elements of an industrial bathroom include raw materials like concrete and brick, subway tiles, glass and steel shower stalls with heavy glass doors, and exposed pipes. The color palette is created by the raw elements themselves and dashes of other colors appear sporadically.


Early settlers throughout the United States were the inspiration for the rustic style, which includes elements that are natural, organic, aged, and even distressed. Rustic style is sincere without being flashy or showy.

Rustic style is all about the wood and natural surfaces, so a wood vanity and natural stone flooring are ideal. Bronze, brass, or copper fixtures and sinks are well paired with warm earthy tones to add coziness to an already welcoming space.


A kissing cousin to the rustic style, farmhouse designs are rustic but with the addition of modern elements without being trendy. The use of a wood shaker style vanity and wood wall treatments are apropos, but the style starts to deviate from rustic with the use of the popular black and white color scheme. Farmhouse styles also feature painted or treated wood vanities or paneling. The effect is that of an elegant space that hints at the simplicity of yesteryear.

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