Suffering an injury from a fall in your bathroom may be more common than you think. Each year over 234,000 teenagers and adults slip or fall in their own bathrooms. When it comes to the elderly, 79 percent of all injuries suffered by people over the age of 65 were caused by a fall in the bathroom and 33 percent of those required hospitalization. Most shocking of all, one person dies each day using the shower or bath in the United States.

It’s no wonder that the bathroom is the scene of the most slipping and falling accidents and injuries. Wet slippery surfaces, hard to reach items, and poor lighting are common culprits.

Most of us don’t think about updating our bathrooms for safety unless we have a specific need which might include:

  • An elderly relative who is growing unstable and losing mobility
  • The inability to step up into a tub or shower enclosure
  • Impaired eyesight or hearing
  • An injured relative who needs physical support
  • A loved one who is confined to a wheelchair
  • Changing needs that might include the requirement for therapeutic baths rather than showers

While we generally think of our elderly relatives as needing an accessible bathroom, the statistics show that people of all ages including little children can benefit from greater bathroom safety precautions. These are some things you can add or update to make your bathroom easier and safer for your entire family to use:

  1. Non-slip flooring and tub/shower mats or stickers
  2. Grab bars inside and just outside of showers and tubs
  3. Shelving or storage that puts towels and toiletries in easy reach
  4. Shower stalls that provide seating or that are wheelchair accessible
  5. A walk-in tub or shower
  6. Improved lighting.

Making the bathroom more accessible and easier to use for seniors can also help them maintain their independence and stay in their own homes longer. Being able to remain in their usual familiar environment creates a feeling of security and adds to their quality of life.

When you are ready for a bathroom remodel or update, the creative professionals at Bath Planet SLC can help you make the most of your space while adding elegance, charm, and greater functionality. We’ll guide you through the planning process all the way to the finished project. Contact us today for more information or to receive a free estimate