Your family depends on your bathroom. It meets your needs for everyday hygiene, but the bathroom is important for a few other reasons. A soaking tub can be a stress-reducing retreat from a hectic day and soothing colors can slow down a hurried pace and refocus our attention on self-care. For the elderly, small children, and people with special needs, the bathroom can be a scary place. By adapting it to prevent injuries and to create greater ease of use, everyone in your family can enjoy using the bathroom.

When the time comes to make those renovations or to update outdated or worn out tubs and showers, your time is also at a premium. You may not have weeks or months to allow for designers and contractors to clear their schedules for you and you certainly can’t manage your family’s schedule around the mess and modifications to your routines that traditional bathroom remodels require. That’s why quick bathroom remodel options have become available in recent years. Tub and shower conversions can be made quickly and easily without the weeks remodeling time.

Bath Planet SLC is proud to offer you the option of the one-day bathroom remodel so you can eliminate all that hassle and get down to enjoying your new bathtub or new shower even sooner. Our simple seven step process was designed with your success and satisfaction in mind. Here’s how it works:

  1. When you contact our qualified representatives, they will ask for detailed information about what you need to change and let you know what Bath Planet SLC can offer.
  2. Our design team will present to you all of our available options and allow you to choose what you like and need the most.
  3. You’ll receive a Professional Service Agreement that will include an itemized quote, which will be used to price the remodel.
  4. No work begins without your approval. You will only sign the contract when you are happy with the final cost and the design elements included in the plan.
  5. The installation begins. Our installers will take meticulous measurements to ensure that your new shower or tub fits perfectly and follow all proper installation procedures as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  6. After the installation is completed, our technicians will conduct a final inspection with you to ensure that everything was done and that you are happy with the result.
  7. The job isn’t considered to be done until you are perfectly pleased. Nothing less than your complete satisfaction will do.

In addition to saving you from the mess and inconvenience of traditional remodeling, one-day bathroom remodels offer these benefits:

  • Customized accessibility options
  • The ability to make your own choices based on your needs
  • Non-porous acrylic options that naturally resist mold and mildew to require less maintenance
  • Acrylic options that can last longer by being more scratch, fade, and stain-resistant
  • The installation is quicker and easier because no demolition is necessary
  • Products are covered by lifetime warranties

Bath Planet SLC can offer you a wide range of choices to fit almost any budget. Contact us today for a free estimate.