Remodeling your bathroom’s shower is an effective way to overhaul the aesthetic of the room and create a space that’s relaxing and inviting. With so many shower options, it’s tricky selecting a design during your bathroom remodel.

Here’s what you need to know about popular shower designs and a few guidelines to help you pick the best shower so that you have an idea of your preferred design.

Top Options for Shower Designs

Here are a few shower options that may work for your home.

A Tub-Shower Combo

A tub-shower combo is a popular design that combines a tub with a shower so that you can use the space for baths or showers.

This alternative is ideal if you’re remodeling your home’s only bathroom, you have a home with young children, or if you love to relax in a hot bath.

A Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers have a low threshold, making the space easily accessible, even for individuals with mobility limitations. The design also helps a small bathroom feel larger and more open.

A Roll-In Shower

If you or someone in your family uses a wheelchair or walker, a roll-in shower has a minimal base lip that makes it possible to bring the mobility aid into the shower. It also boasts a modern design that compliments small bathrooms

A Neo-Angle Shower

Neo-angle showers are also known as corner showers. This shower is installed in the corner of your bathroom, allowing you to use your bathroom’s existing walls for the shower. It’s an affordable, space-saving option that usually doesn’t allow space for a tub.

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