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With over 18 years of experience, Bath Planet has the right expertise and reputation to be called an outstanding bathroom remodeling company in Sandy, Midvale, Draper, and surrounding areas.
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Beautiful, Functional Shower Makeovers

Bath Planet has provided many shower makeovers in Sandy and the greater Salt Lake City area to happy customers. Our bathroom remodeling company begins by designing your dream shower area, including layout, functionality, and materials. Bath Planet collaborates with customers on features of shower makeovers many individuals often overlook. We consider several factors in our designs, such as bathroom lighting, shower orientation, ventilation, and improved entry and accessibility, resulting in a truly ideal shower makeover.

Bath Planet SLC - 5-Reasons-To-Remodel-Your-Bathroom

Creating a Custom Bathtub Shower Combo

Bath Planet creates custom bathtub/shower combos, enabling our customers to enjoy features from each while maintaining functionality and style. We offer beautiful adjacent bathtub shower combos as well as traditional shower-in-tub options. Bath Planet emphasizes the importance of choosing a bathtub you love as well as a shower design you love, without unnecessary compromising. Our bathroom remodeling company is committed to customer satisfaction, whether it be maximizing space and efficiency, creating a clean, contemporary look, or developing a combination of these two design elements.

Expert Vanity Installation

The vanity installation experts at Bath Planet know that a vanity can add to the visual appeal of a bathroom as well as providing a practical area for storage and regular use. As a bathroom remodeling company, we offer vanities in a wide range of sizes, materials, and designs. Choose from a number of shapes and sizes for your vanity mirror, bathroom sinks, and under-vanity storage. Bath Planet carefully finishes each vanity installation using a beautiful
countertop, with the design and material of your choosing. Whether you are updating the vanity alone or planning a full bathroom remodel, our experts can provide you with sturdy, reliable vanity installation.

Bath Planet SLC - 5-Reasons-To-Remodel-Your-Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Services in Sandy

Bath Planet offers a number of additional bathroom remodel services. For over 18 years, we have ensured that our customers have access to services such as ventilation, bathroom paint, new bathroom floors, updated toilets, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our experienced, well-reputed bathroom remodeling company.

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