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Acrylic Tub Installation

If you are looking to update your bathroom, installing an acrylic tub may be a good option for you. Although the acrylic tub is exceptionally affordable, we aim to surpass the expectations on the tub quality. Installing an acrylic tub can allow for better heat retention to keep the bathtub warmer for a longer period of time. The acrylic tub is also reinforced with fiberglass, which makes this option very durable. Lastly, the acrylic tub installation process is very simple due to the lightweight structure of the tub. This allows our experts to install the acrylic tub on any floor of the customers’ home.

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Converting Tub to a Walk in Shower

For customers that are looking to expand their bathroom space, our experts may convert the customers tub into a walk in shower. This allows for ease of mobility for those who struggle to get out of the bathtub, more of a modernized look, and a selling point for future buyers. Many customers decide on a walk in shower instead of a tub due to the efficiency and flexibility that a shower provides over a tub. A tub typically takes up more space, leaving our experts with more flexibility to convert this space into a walk in shower. This will make the bathroom appear a lot bigger.

Bathtub Liner

A bathtub liner may be a good alternative to a new tub without the hassle of installing a new one. This process allows our experts to measure the customer’s tub, create a mold out of the new material to be installed inside of the current tub. The customer will then use a bathtub liner as a cheaper and easier alternative to buying a brand new tub, but still giving the appearance of one, making the bathroom appear new and fit for your taste.

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